Popular British Childrens' Books

Reading books keeps the kids entertained, it makes the little ones think, it enhances their imagination skills, it teaches the kids ethics and it teaches them many new things. When the parents read bedtime stories for their kids and when they read together when their kids are a little grown up, it tightens the bond of love between them. Books are the best companions for all. In spite of the several benefits, it is sad to note that reading habit is steadily declining. Children should be motivated to read. They should be given the best books to read. What are the popular UK children's books?

Popular UK Children's books

Famous Five Series

This is an all time favorite children's series written by the very famous author Enid Blyton. The series include 21 books. The first one is 'Five on Treasure island'. It was published in the year 1942. The last one was 'Five are together again' which was published in the year 1963. All famous Five books narrate the adventures of four children and a dog - Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timothy. All adventures are very interesting. Every kid dreams of these adventures. Enid Blyton has written many more series like Secret Seven, Adventurous Four and school series like Naughtiest girl, St. Clares, Malory Towers and many more, but Famous Five is the most popular among them.

Harry Potter Series

J.K. Rowling took the children to the world of magic through her Harry Potter series. The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone was published in the year 1997. All books in the series have broken all records in sales. The adventures of the Harry Potter, the wizard with his friends Ron and Hermione take the kids to a different world. The Hogwarts school, the school team, the dark magic and the adventures of the three friends in defeating Voldemort keep the children mesmerized.

The Lord Of The Rings

JRR Tolkien rediscovers the magic of the Middle Earth in his epic series. The series is divided into three volumes. Each volume has two books and that makes it a total of six books. The book covers many fields like magic, philosophy, industrialization, religion and many more. This fantasy work by JRR Tolkien has won the hearts of millions of children all over the world.

Winnieh the Pooh

It looks as if it has been ages since this was published first, but it remains the favorite of kids because the story is appealing till today. Children love cuddly bears and they love the tales of Winnie the Pooh. The book was written by Alan Alexander Milne and was first published in the year 1923. The life learning adventures of Winnie with his friends are a good choice to be read as bedtime stories for your kids.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Science has made many changes in the world, but still little children have a passion for trains and train journey. Rev W Awdry Egmont made up these stories for his little son. The engine has been characterized as a human being. It plays tricks and tantrums just like little kids. The humor in the story make the children laugh. No kid can help loving the steam engine named Thomas. This is one of the best stories to be read for kids below 5.

Alice's Adventures in the Wonderland

This book was written by Lewis Caroll Walker and was published in the year 1865. The story narrates the experience of a little girl Alice who follows a rabbit into its hole. A new world awaits her in the hole. Her adventures are humorous, scary and interesting. Children above the age 6 would love to read and listen to Alice's Adventures.

There are many more popular children's books like Heidi, The chronicles of Narnia, Treasure Island, Babar, Charlie and the chocolate factory, The tale of peter rabbit, The tiger who came to tea and The gruffalo etc. The list goes on and on. Reading to children should be started as early as possible. In fact, you can read to a newborn infant. Introduce the popular children's books to your kids, develop their reading habit and help them to excel in life.