Popular Childrens' Book Authors

The United Kingdom has produced some brilliant children's' book authors over the years. These authors have graced the childhood of millions of children throughout the world. They have entertained, inspired and fascinated young minds through their masterful art. There are some authors who will forever remain etched not just in history, but also in the minds of children. These authors became global phenomena and deeply influenced popular culture in their respective times. Mentioned below are a few mega popular children's book authors.

Enid Mary Blyton: She wrote over 800 books in her career which spanned over forty glorious years. Her contribution to the world of child literature is nothing short of epic! Enid Blyton's books have been translated into ninety languages. It has been almost 5 decades since she passed away but still her work is immensely popular throughout the world. Her writing style was so sublime that reading her book is a therapeutic and almost spiritual experience. Enid Blyton's most famous works include The Famous Five series, The Noddy Books series and The Secret Seven series. Till date, she has sold more than a staggering 600 million books. She remained a top ten author in the UK during the 2000s, more than 32 years after her death! Enid Blyton is a stalwart of her game; she is and will remain one of the most popular children's book authors in the world.

J.K Rowling: This woman caused a worldwide sensation when she released the first book of the Harry Potter series. The book propelled into the world of fame and riches but that was just the beginning. Joanne Rowling went onto write six more books in the series and each book was a super hit! Harry potter has become a house hold name. Her books have been adapted into an 8 part film series and today, the Harry potter brand is worth more than a mammoth 15 billion dollars! Joanne herself is a living legend. Before releasing her first book on Harry potter, she was a single parent, unemployed and living on state benefits. However, today she is the 12th richest woman in Britain and her estimated worth is more than half a billion pounds! She is among the most influential celebrities in the world and the list of her awards and accolades runs into multiple pages. Right from the first line of the book, Rowling mesmerizes the reader as she dextrously weaves an enchanting tale of magic, mystery, adventure and fantasy! Her book for adults, titled The Casual Vacancy was released in September 2012. More than a million copies have already been sold a BBC series which is based on the book is to be released in 2014. Joanne Rowling is more than just a popular children's book author. She is an active philanthropist and children's rights activist.

Roald Dahl: He served in the British Royal Air Force during the Second World War and eventually became a Wing Commander - an unusual title for a novelist. He wrote for children as well as for adults. He has been named among the greatest children's book author in the twentieth century. His most famous book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl's children's stories have been referred to as unsentimental and having dark humour. However, his work remains popular even today and The Times has ranked him 16th on the list of greatest British writers since 1945.

J.M. Barrie (Peter pan), Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit), Phillip Pullman (The Golden Compass) and C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) also deserve a special mention and rank very high in the list of most popular children's book authors.