The Importance of Reading to your Children

Whether your child just learned to speak or they are in nursery school, the need to start reading children's books to them is paramount for their development and bonding to their parents. The popularity of the internet and personal computers has to a certain degree, pushed books to the background.

However, reading is a still one of the crucial aspects in the overall development of children, especially in the early years of their lives. Nothing, not even childhood development TV shows or educational toys, can replace books.

Following are the reasons why it's still important to read children's books to children and allowing them to read on their own:

1. Mental Rejuvenation

Children who read more books are more likely to expand their vocabulary faster because learn new words every time they read. Your kids will also learn new ways to use words they already know. Reading, therefore, accelerates the development of your children even before you take them to school. In the process, reading also helps them acquire soft skills.

2. Bonding Opportunities

Whether you read out to your children or allow them to read in your presence, you will be creating wonderful bonding opportunities. This will nourish your child's emotional development. You can also use these stories to help your children relate incidents in the story with real events happening in their lives.

3. Educational Preparation

By encouraging your toddlers to love books, you will be preparing them to adapt to a formal school environment. In the process, they will adapt to the concept of daily learning for knowledge (as in a classroom setting), and not just for fun.

4. Creative Stimulation

When children read books regularly or when you read out to them during their bed times, you will stimulate their imagination. This will also foster natural curiosity and accelerate their emotional and physical development.

Just by going through the script alone, children can visualize each of the scenarios in the stories. When you help them read along, this development type is likely to work even better.

The more your children read, the more likely they are to develop empathy toward others. This is because literature celebrates the human spirit and great potential. It also helps children understand different lifestyles and the universality of humankind.

5. Memory and Attention Span

As you read out to your children or as they read on their own, their knowledge base will increase multifold. Additionally, almost everything your child learns at this stage will remain in their mind for long. This is the best way to teach your children how to become excellent students in school.

Reading books to children and allowing them to read on their own is likely to improve their attention span. This means you should get books that have colorful pictures inside instead of those that have text only.

As a parent, ensure you read and talk to your child as many times as you possibly can. During the nursery and toddler years, you can provide your children with a variety of reading experiences in different languages. This will also improve their communication skills.

Whether you read to your children or you allow them to read on their own, they are bound to benefit intellectually, academically, socially and emotionally.